Appel à la danse

It is not a contest or a competition.

It is not meant to be presented on a large stage in a big theatre with fancy light design, set design, and so on. The glamour is you and your dancing. 

What you share and what you give. You !


You get a chance to present a work of yours to an audience 

on a stage 6x8m, simple lighting, simple set-up.

It is just you and what you share with us


Be creative and share it.


2 shows

Dance floor, light and sound, that's it. Simple


A few selected dances will be shown at Danzfest 2019

May 23rd, 18h30

May 24th, 16h30


Each piece will be granted a small fee. Food and drinks are provided.


solo or duett

about 5-8 minutes max.

an existing piece or a new piece.

a reedited piece or a dance that is part of a piece to come

record it without any lights or set in a plain space

keep props limited to the max

If you have a costume ready you can wear it

keep it simple

Send video to :

via dropbox, wetransfer ... (avoid whatsapp)


SIMPLE© concept Jean-Guillaume Weis